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First week in Northern Ireland!

Well my adventures have began in Northern Ireland! When I was leaving the airport I was very apprehensive and unsure about what to expect seeing as the farthest place I have gone outside of Bonas and Buffalo is Canada but it has been nothing but warm welcomes and an easy transition.

Right away from arriving at the Belfast airport there was a lady from the University waiting to take me, two kids from spain and one of my roommates who is from Austria back to the University, they are the nicest people! I have found that although I have meet people from all around the world everyone seems to speak english pretty well, although they don’t think so and tend to get frustrated, but I cant help but think how lost I would be in a European Country that doesn’t speak English and I am grateful that I am here in Northern Ireland

Today I took my first adventure into Belfast because the campus I am stationed at is about 7 miles out. It was a great time, we did a walking tour where we found out about the history and politics of the city, and then we went to the pub where I had my first Guinness! And I actually liked it!


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Junior studying abroad at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland

One comment on “First week in Northern Ireland!

  1. Tourism Ireland
    September 22, 2012

    Hi Sarah! We’re guessing you’re studying at the Jordanstown Campus? If you’re looking to take the train to some nice places nearby you may enjoy the Carrickfergus Castle and the coastal walk in Whitehead. Next time you head into Belfast check out the University life around the Queen’s Quarter. There are some great little shops like Rusty Zip on Botanic Avenue and if you find yourself missing Chipotle from back home, check out Boojum for great burritos! We’re glad to hear you’re settling in nicely and wish you a great study abroad!

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